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  • The surgeons' choice for
    post-operative lymphedema

  • Arm Sleeves

    The patient-friendly alternative
    to lymphedema self-bandaging

  • Head and Neck

    Garments designed to address edema of the neck and face

  • Rehab

    24 hour comfort with this adjustable
    alternative to bandaging

  • Pads

    Restore tissue integrity with additional pads


Why choose JoViPak®?

JoViPak® Corporation has built its reputation on producing high quality nighttime lymphedema management garments and continues to be at the forefront of the industry in expanding products for daytime, post-operative, and sports injury swelling. Ready Made and Custom products are available for every body part. These garments are patient-friendly, washable, and provide the therapeutic benefit that is needed to manage these chronic or acute conditions. Established in 2000, JoViPak is a global influence in compression therapy.

JoAnn's Story

It has been 19 years since we made our first JoViPak and I thought you might like to know how it all came about. The following video is my story . . . a personal one, as I too am a cancer survivor. Being of a rather determined nature, I was not going to let cancer or lymphedema control my life. As an alternative to chemotherapy, I began my studies as a nutritional therapist, realizing how essential nutrition is to a strong immune system. As a dedicated pianist, day-time compression garments didn€™t fit into my lifestyle. This was my incentive for doing self-massage every day for 7 years! So far, this has worked well for me. So well in fact, I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life encouraging others to explore self-directed and healthy alternatives.

Lympedema Treatment Act

JoViPak is a proud supporter of the Lymphedema Treatment Act. Please take the time to watch this video and JOIN US!

Virtual In-Service

Schedule a Virtual In-Service with us and learn all about JoViPak's products! If you are new to JoViPak or a longtime friend we are dedicated to educating you about our products. From the comfort of your own office spend some time with Carol Johnson OTR/L, CLT-LANA and 30 year veteran in the industry, by participating in a customized training session and earn a 1 hour CEU.

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The Bellisse bra has kept my truncal lymphedema under control for over four years. It fits very well and is quite adjustable.

The zipper in the front is a blessing - no tugging around after you fasten the hooks - and if you lose or gain weight, you can adjust the hooks in the back. Now that's really clever. The straps are also adjustable with Velcro - no metal parts to dig into you skin. The high-cut underarm prevents a bulge of fluid under your arms.

I like that the Bellisse evens out the discrepancy in the size of my breasts, so nobody but my lymphedema therapist and my doctors know, and I like the feminine design and color.

I love my Bellisse bra!!! It's more comfortable than any bra I've ever worn. I wouldn't go anywhere without it.“

- K.C.

Combi & Box Glove

I got the combi and really like it... I also have the box glove and want to get another one... It is such a comfortable glove and easy to do work in. Thank you so much for pioneering these products“

- L.C.

Lymphedema Garment

Hello! Just got my custom garment and already can feel a difference! Thank you so much for making a great product...wanted to tell you via this way that I LOVE you and what you do for us cancer survivors! THANK YOU!“

- K.Z.

JoViPak Lymphedema Garments

My JoViPak and the JoViPak family have literally transformed what probably would have been a life of misery and fear into a life or --wow! ...many exquisite moments and appreciated freedoms. Every opportunity I have, I tell others in need --even those whom I do not know, but DO understand about the JoViPak and how it can also transform their lives. I don't know how often you hear from "far away" clients or how much continuing interaction you have with those close by, but rest assured, a little prayer of thanks goes up every night when I put on my JoViPak.“

- K.M.

Arm Sleeve

My new JoviPak sleeve has made it easier to manage my lymphedema - I'm more compliant as it's so much easier and more comfortable then wrapping.“

- L.R.