What is JoViPak®?

JoViPak® is a premier provider of specialized compression garments, liners, and pads used to treat acute and chronic edema. JoViPak® has a product or garment for every part of your body. We provide both Ready Made and Custom garments depending on your needs.

How do I order a JoViPak® garment?

JoViPak® does not sell directly to the public. JoViPak® is a manufacturer and sells products exclusively through resellers. Use our Resellers search page to find a business near you.

When can I expect to receive my JoViPak® garment?

Once JoViPak has all the information needed to process an order we ship as soon as possible - we understand how anxious you are to receive your garments! When we have the accurate information, Ready Made garments ship within 3 business days and Custom garments ship within 10 business days.

How much compression does a JoViPak® garment have?

Our classic garment provides approximately 12-14 millimeters of mercury (mmHg) of compression. When worn with the recommended JoViJacket it can provide up to 21-22 mmHg compression. JoViPak® garments are intended to be a more effective and efficient solution to bandaging at night. Our Combi and Inna garments are considered for day use and provide approximately 30-31 mmHg of compression.

Why do I need a JoViJacket?

JoViJackets are strongly recommended to allow you to get the most therapeutic benefit from your garment. A JoViPak® garment is NOT a complete compression garment by itself. Including a JoViJacket will bring the compression up to an optimal amount.

Does the JoViJacket go on first?

No, the JoViPak® garment should be worn up against your skin. The JoViJacket is to be used as outer compression for maximum fit and effectiveness.

How often do I need to wash my JoViPak®?

Wash your garment at least once a week. Refer to our Laundering page for details.

How long will my JoViPak® garment last?

JoViPak® products have been known to last for years when treated with proper care. For all warranty information please go to the Warranty and Return Policy page. Please note that JoViJackets should be replaced every six months to extend the life of your garment and to achieve the best results from your JoViPak®. If you take care of your JoViPak®, it will take care of you.

How long can and should I wear my JoViPak®?

All situations are different and that is why we recommend that you consult with your physician or therapist to best understand when and for how long you should wear your JoViPak®.

Which HCPC codes are used for billing my JoViPak® to insurance?

JoViPak® does not bill insurance therefore the information we have to pass along is only as a third party and will need to be verified for accuracy with your insurance company. Many of our products can be billed under miscellaneous code A6549. Some other codes that have successfully been used by others include A5126, A9900, E1399, L3999, L8010, S8420, S8421, S8422, S8423, S8427, S8428, and S8429.